Restaurang MAT

Lunch every Monday to Friday

In Restaurant MAT, lunch is prepared with regional ingredients and with a craze for the unusual. The vegetarian is the norm and protein is to be considered an option. The restaurant is open to the public from Monday to Friday 11:30-14:00 and we work purposefully and focused to minimize food waste and environmental impact. Our own bakery provides us with everything from sourdough breakfast buns to afternoon coffee and crispbread baked on coffee grounds.


Week 45

Monday 7 november

Kantarell, grottost, råg
Oxe, garam masala, morot

Tuesday 8 november

Morot, salsa verde, pumpa
Kolja, grön curry, vin

Wednesday 9 november

Beta, dragon, kakao
Fläsk, tranbär, persilja

Thursday 10 november

Kål, yoghurt, harrisa
Sej, eldat smör, dill

Friday 11 november

Svartrot, brynt smör, hasselnöt
Kyckling, blekselleri, chili

Lunch 145:- meal drink, bread, butter and coffee included.
Take away 135:-
Tencard 1290:-


Our partners


Superfresh and freshly harvested vegetables

Taxi 23

Lilla Kafferosteriet

Mini roastery in central Malmö for specialty coffee


The tastiest lemonade

Bonden & Vinet

Natural wine, organic and biodynamic wine

Botildenborgs stadsodlingar

Grows a lot of our salads and vegetable shoots

Patisserie David

French pastry